Literacy Camp

literacy_in_cambodiaIn the summer of 2008 we hosted our first Khmer Literacy Camp. We were keen to provide learning opportunities to students outside of the school term and to promote literacy and child-centered learning activities. The camp was designed to benefit both teachers and students. Teachers are hired to participate in literacy teaching methodologies in the first week, and then in the second week students are invited to attend the camp, at which the teachers can immediately practice the new techniques they have learned.

2008 2009 2010 2011
204 421 700 759
43 54 75 79

Attendance by both teachers and students has increased over the years and in 2011 we added the additional subject of Math to the syllabus.

In 2012, after consulting with the schools involved in hosting the camps, we decided that the project could benefit from a break. Many teachers and students have now participated in the training for more than one year and the schools have their own priorities according to their development plans.

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